Snowed in here in Texas


So … we’ve been snowed in here in Texas all week.  You would think it would have been a great opportunity to get caught up on oh so many things.

Linda's office buddy Hobie-Cat

Hobie-Cat bird watching snow week 2011

While I have made progress on some chores designated for “no phone” days, I have to admit that I’ve been distracted by the gorgeous snow view from my office.

In my lifetime we have never had snow on the ground for so long.  Most days were sunny and beautiful even while frigid and roads unusable.

With a bird feeder just outside my window and a cat perched on top of the chair mesmerized by the bird show … I haven’t lacked for entertainment.

We’ve had power outages by the electric company to preserve energy so I’ve not been on the computer a great deal.  Instead, I’ve been reading a book on Communication when not sifting & sorting receipts and paperwork.  Can’t remember the last time I was this organized … so all in all it was a very good week.

While most Texans are ready for spring already we hear that more snow is on its way next week. Can cleaning my closets be far off?

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Seeking Marketing Bloggers for Guest Posts

As the new year gets firmly off the ground, I am making strides to re-group, get organized again and back on a sustainable path.

The biggest mistake I made in internet marketing during 2010? I just had way too much going on and found myself scattered … which leads to putting out fires. I’ve always been good at multi-tasking but this got way out of hand. Have you ever been there?

Timing is such an amazing thing. Just as I was firmly convinced I needed to scale back my business, I discovered I have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in my left hand. I had a flair up that halted typing on the computer 12 hour days as I have been for the past 6 months. It is clear that if I don’t stop pushing my body, my body will eventually stop me. And so it has … again.

I plan to continue regular blogging and am seeking Guest Bloggers in the fields of marketing, affiliate marketing and SEO. I began blogging again in December after a 5 year hiatus.  Since posting to my blog regularly for two months, I have realized I want an outlet to share my knowledge in an interactive way that Articles cannot do. And I want to assemble a community of marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners and affiliate marketers. We’ll bounce around ideas, web trends and reviews, share what works and what is not working, post tips, how-to’s and marketing strategy on a wide range of topics.

If you know Marketing Bloggers who might want to Guest Post at Yarbys Corner, please help me spread the word.

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Power in Re-Purposing Social Media

On my last post I shared a number of options on How to Re-Purpose a Blog Post.

A single Blog Post is now turning into multiple products through re-purposing.  Let’s take a look at how specific Social Media vehicles come in to the mix:

  • You’d want to Tweet about each of these projects as they come on-line
  • Include each of them on your Facebook Page over a period of time
  • Ping your Blog Posts to Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Add a Discussion Topic question or respond on Message Boards or Niche Forums
  • Feature portions in your Brand Newsletter
  • Submit to other Social Media vehicles like Digg and Stumble Upon
  • Post relevant Comments on compatible Blogs using project links
  • Become a Poster to high traffic blogs like ProBlogger
  • Join blogging networks like Networked Blogs
  • … and of course you’d want to keep your mailing list advised of your different projects (you are creating an Opt-In Mailing List aren’t you?)

All of these options, and more, can come from a single Blog Post.

And since the key to blogging is to consistently and regularly blog, you can see how this could quickly get away from you. There are software products available which can help automate some of these tasks (free and paid). Check them out first, use them wisely and keep your eye on results!

Experiment to see where you are getting results … and the best Return on Investment ROI.  Yes, an Investment of time counts too.

By: Linda Yarbrough owner of TheMedia Mix and author of Yarbys Corner

Let’s get social!

May republish article with full By-Line.

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How to Re-Purpose a Blog Post

Let’s say you have started a Blog which is tied to your website. Great first step!  Now, you can re-purpose a blog post to turn it into multiple products. If you don’t have a Blog, consider Re-Purposing an article or website copy.

Why? It will help to tie all your efforts together thru cross-links, save lots of time AND boost your website traffic.

How? Re-purposing : Begin with a Post on your Blog; then ADD
“a twist here; a tweak there and you’ve got several new projects completed.”

Let’s take a glimpse at just some of your options:

  • A Blog Post expanded to 300 – 500 words
  • becomes an article to be submitted to Article Directories
  • then you might want to turn it into a free PDF report (can be offered to other Internet Marketers)
  • do you have enough material to turn it into an EBook? (JV Partners often send to their mailing lists -with your links intact.)
  • now it can be transformed into a video after being outlined in Power Point with audio added
  • which can be posted on YouTube and
  • then be used as the base to conduct an audio broadcast, video webinar or even a live training class.

Get creative and you’ll find other ways to re-purpose your Blog Posts. In my next post, I’ll take this a step further and talk about where specific Social Media vehicles come into the picture:  Power in Re-Purposing Social Media.

By: Linda Yarbrough, owner of The Media Mix and author of Yarbys Corner.

May be re-published with author by-line.
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Social Media and Your Business Website

Like most business owners with a website, I am exploring the world of Social Media to determine where to put my best efforts. If you’ve been chasing the latest internet social media trends you are probably by now dizzy from information overload.

You just can’t do it all … and do it all well!

In my mind that means you have to experiment and use Stats Tracking to measure results. You’ll also want to measure other responses to make your decisions: Are sales up or down? Are phone calls to your business on the rise or non-existent? You can tell by the questions your customers ask what they have read on the internet that led to a phone call, email or walk-in. If you can’t, then ASK.

Just as networking is vital when on a job search; so is being active in Social Media to a Website owner. It’s powerful stuff! Powerful, that is …. unless you are dabbling in this and then that. Consistency is the key with regular, frequent visibility. It requires making connections and can be about as Interactive as internet communication gets. Be careful though since Social Media is a reciprocal exchange it can be quite labor-intensive. If not managed properly, it can be a major drain on your most precious resource – time.

Many Internet Marketers have turned to Outsourcing to keep up with the details of Social Media. Have you?

As a Media and Marketing Professional, I haven’t yet brought myself to even consider Outsourcing because a) the personal touch is so important and b) to deeply understand this medium you’ve got to dig into it & get your hands dirty and c) I haven’t yet identified the tasks we must do versus Social Media maintenance tasks which could be Outsourced efficiently.

As a business owner you have a full plate already. Consider overseeing this Marketing / Customer Service role by assigning it to someone who really understands your company personality, your website style and your goals. Sometimes this person is in-house; often it can be handled on a virtual basis. Our firm, The Media Mix, manages Social Media activities for clients as do many SEO firms and Marketing / PR Agencies.

The most important thing I have observed about Social Media? Tie it all together! For example: your Website, Facebook, Twitter, your Blog and Article Marketing should all be inter-linked to compliment each other and build traffic. Cross-promoting should be the first step as each new vehicle is added.

Are these the only elements to Social Media which you need to concern yourself? No way. This has become a huge field. My example covers the core only. Since it’s such a broad topic I’ll have a section devoted to Social Media in The Media Mix Newsletter: IN THE MIX. It will be informative, collaborative and fun. Sign-up now!

Where are you in your Blog or Website Social Media efforts?  We love links & comments!

Linda Yarbrough is the owner of TheMedia Mix. She is the author of the Media Marketing Strategy Blog: Yarbys Corner and can be found at Twitter @LindaYarbrough and

May be re-published only with Full Author By-Line.

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Seeking Help from SEO “Experts”? Be cautious!

1) Be careful how you use search engine ranking tips you hear or read.

  • We often read tips that will only spin your wheels and waste your time.
  • Some advice is flat wrong and can do more harm than good including getting your blog or web site banned from search engines.
  • Some strategies should only be implemented by a SEO professional.

2) Compare SEO “expert” results!

  • Specializing in multiple-key word phrase ranking, web marketing strategy and web design, The Media Mix is a one-stop source for everything web. Ask firms what their strengths are. What is their SEO background? Is your web designer out-sourcing SEO? Compare to find the best value!
  • We are called on frequently to re-design web sites thought to have been “optimized.” Ask to see Search Engine Optimization SEO results.
  • Ask HOW they optimize? We conform to ethical practices and work “with” the search engine system … not try to find the latest loophole and use “tricks” to manipulate the system.

Are you putting the power of Media Marketing Strategy to work for your Website?

Your comments, SEO tips or questions are welcome!  What’s your biggest challenge with website SEO?

 For more internet marketing tips & SEO strategy, sign-up for The Media Mix Newsletter:  IN THE MIX.

Linda Yarbrough is the owner of TheMediaMix  and author of Yarbys Corner, Media Marketing Strategy Blog. Follow her on Facebook or @LindaYarbrough on Twitter.

Blog posts may be re-published with full author bio.

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Television Media Buying – Then and Now

There is no question that the Television market has been fragmented by the growth of strong Cable Networks, Television Syndication and the Internet.

In years gone by, most of the mass broadcast audience could be reached by the major television networks. That’s just not the case today.  Back in the early days of Cable, it was considered a peripheral buy to shore up a Television Schedule.  Cable was used as an inexpensive way to build heavy frequency to a small segment of the market.  It’s a whole new ballgame.  Today, it’s a major consideration with designated budgets and goals. Overall, Cable Ad Revenues have doubled in the past 10 years. With so many cable offerings today, you might think the TV media market would be fragmented to chaos as far as reach and frequency goes. But, it’s not so. Fewer than 20 Cable Networks have evolved into solid numbers.Reaching your target market is actually easier now because Television is becoming more similar to Radio with distinct viewer demographics in cable. We’re not all glued to the TV on Sunday night watching Ed Sullivan. Younger readers are probably thinking about now “… watching Ed who?”. The dynamics have changed and with it the parameters to reach your target audience. Advertisers actually have more opportunity for a tighter, targeted TV buy at lower overall cost than ever before.

The job of the Media Buyer and Media Researches is vastly more difficult because of the plethora of options – an overabundance or excess of offerings to reach your target viewer.
Some options are easier to track; others impossible. The cost efficiencies of each segment must be considered when putting a Media Puzzle together. The media buy just isn’t complete until all the piece fit! And these days there are many more pieces.

Another important shift contributing to audience fragmentation is how people are spending their time. We’re in the “I want it now; I want it when I want it” world. New media will always emerge to feed that hunger. And the fragmenting will continue.

For those interested in the concept of Reach & Frequency, I want to share a blog post that I
think is right on the money: TV Reach & Frequency – Obsolete? This article should bring up questions from the layman about R&F. Like “What does Reach & Frequency really mean
for me?” If so, I’ll be happy to respond.

Remember though … some things never change. It always boils down to Media Buying being a Science and an Art. Statistical analysis of Cost per Thousand viewers reached (actually, opportunities for viewers to be exposed to your message) is needed because that is the basis of how media is priced. But the importance of a Media Buyers gut can’t be overlooked. Blending those two is the mark of a true Media Professional. Always has been; always will be!

Linda Yarbrough is the owner of The Media Mix. She is the author of the Media
Marketing Strategy Blog: Yarbys Corner and can be found at Twitter @LindaYarbrough,
LinkedIn and Facebook.

Solving your media marketing puzzle is IN THE MIX – The Media Mix!

May be re-published only with Full Author By-Line Bio.

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Buying Local Media Air-Time Yourself?

The Media Mix
had a call this morning from a gentleman name DJ. He’s located in a small town in Alabama. He was on our website and wanted to talk with me. He said he might want to buy air time on NBC and could I tell him 5 – 10 steps about how to go about buying TV media himself.

I told him that for local media, he could call a station or cable network directly and ask for the Sales Department. They would assign an Account Executive who would be glad to come out and get him set up with media time.

But should he?
Well .. .no, probably not.

He should have a professional media buyer negotiate his media or atleast advise him. While local stations (radio or TV) would be happy to sell the owner of a firm media time, you might not get the best deal. Better to hire a professional media buyer who can help you get the “biggest bang for your buck”.


  • Buying media properly is complex as media time is sold as a commodity and requires negotiation. Timing is a crucial factor with prices fluctuating based on supply and demand.
  • A good Media Planner/Buyer can ensure that your advertising campaign will have more impact and will be able to: 

    • act as your advocate, protecting your best interests
    • develop a solid media plan on how best to spend the money: who, where, when, how much etc.
    • help you stretch your budget to make sure your dollars go further
    • handle all the details, paperwork and track results while overseeing the advertising campaign and
    • save you money by buying the whole schedule including fees for less than you would spend
  • Stations can be of help in better understanding the local media market. Be sure to talk with several because they are all “Number 1” at something.

The bottom line is a retail owner who doesn’t have experience with media probably needs professional help. He/she would not be able to glean the nuances, “separate the wheat from the chaff” (separate things of value from things of no value) and sort out how to get the most efficient media buy. And since the secret to media marketing strategy puzzles is IN THE MIX, they wouldn’t know how or what to include in the mix.

First step if you are considering local market broadcast media: check to make sure which media market your town is in. Media market: broadcast market, media region, designated market area (DMA), Television Market Area (FCC term) or simply market is a region where the population can receive the same television and radio station broadcasts. If you’re a retailer with a storefront, determine a radius of miles around your store that you consider your target market area.

My tip for local broadcast media buying be it Television, Cable or Radio: Seek the advice of a media professional – with seasoned media planning and heavy media buying experiece – before you pull out your checkbook or sign on the dotted line. Probably even before you allow several media reps to make your head spin with stats.

Linda Yarbrough is the owner of The Media Mix. She is the author of the Media Marketing Strategy Blog: Yarbys Corner and can be found at Twitter @LindaYarbrough, LinkedIn and Facebook.
Solving your media marketing puzzle is IN THE MIX – The Media Mix!


May be re-published only with Full Author By-Line Bio.

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Ask SEO Questions … Get Answers

We know you have lots of Web Design and SEO Questions … we’ll try to help with answers & tips to boost your search engine ranking and website results.

Ask your question in Comments and we’ll respond! Include your website URL link with a specific issue if you want our readers to address.  Can we help you get on the right path?

Here’s a list of topics and frequently asked questions FAQs on website design and SEO to get you started. We will cover each of these (and more) over the next months, but want to help you where you need it most. What’s your biggest website challenge?  Let’s get interactive, folks!

  • Key word phrase analysis
What will this do for me?
  • Search engine research
How can I determine Competition and Potential?
  • Web page titles
Why are they so important? How do you make the most of each Web Page Title?
  • META Tag coding
What is an HTML Meta Tag? What do they do? What do I need to do with them?
  • Image ALT Tag coding
What are they? Do I need them?
  • Body content
Make your site an information platform!
  • User-friendly navigation issues
What hurts? What helps?
  • Key word content ratio
What’s that got to do with E-Business?
  • Improve sales conversion ratio
E-Commerce solutions to make your site more interactive.
  • Most common graphic mistakes
Too many graphics?  Need to Optimize your graphics?  Fix it quickly!
  • Page load time factors
Is this affecting my web site results?
  • Pay-Per-Click campaign PPC
Where should PPC fall into my web promotion plan?
  • Link popularity
Do I really need to exchange compatible links? Why? How?
  • Directory listings
Where to list? How important are these links to traffic?
  • Stats tracking and analysis
There’s a cash register just waiting to ring in those statistics!
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SEO and Search Engine Ranking

A key step in Web Site Marketing Strategy should be to improve your Search Engine Web Ranking through SEO. More than 90% of all traffic comes from major search engines. There are core areas that produce consistent, solid improvement … beginning with knowing the information your target audience is looking for. Include relevant key word copy which translates to “information they are looking for” and you have the winning combination to stronger web marketing results. Research tools are available to help pin point where to focus your efforts. But then there’s the matter of what do with that information: how to use it in your web site, your titles and your coding.

From a Search Engine Optimization stand-point we think of a web page as very expensive real estate … and every word counts. But how to put the puzzle together, and how far you need to go in search engine optimization, is all based on the competition in your key categories.

  •  How competitive is your website environment?
  •  How many web sites are optimized?
  •  How often is the category indexed?
  •  How can you get your website indexed more often?

On every project we work on, we use professional web ranking software in addition to hands-on SE research to develop a thorough Web Ranking Report. This step is core to your web site marketing strategy.  Search Engine Category competition will determine how many times you should use a key word phrase, in what combination, how big the font size of a particular word and where the key word phrases should be positioned on the page. And that’s just one piece of the puzzle.

If you think it’s not a puzzle … then you just don’t know yet what you don’t know.  

Our firm uses the slogan:  Solving Your Media Marketing Puzzle is In The Mix – The Media Mix!  We can help you determine the direction to go … or can do it for you. Do you need the input of a professional SEO? That question and the next “What will it cost?” depend on “where you want to go …. and how fast you want to get there”. 

By: Linda Yarbrough of Yarbys Corner Media Marketing Strategy Blog
Put the power of Media Marketing Strategy to work with The Media Mix!

All articles & blog posts may be re-printed with Full By-Line.

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