Let me get this out of the way first.  I mistakenly added a Contact Form that turned out to be for Feedback (private) versus Comments (public).  I have fixed this now but am going to post those here before I delete the form from individual posts.

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[Yarby’s Corner …] How to Improve Google Results & Rankings
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2011-01-09 @ 1:07:21 PM
[Yarby’s Corner …] How to Improve Google Results & Rankings
Hi Linda Thanks for following me on Twitter, good look with your blog. Mark Collier Author Link Building Mastery

Twitter 2buildbacklinks
2011-01-09 @ 12:14:30 PM
[Yarby’s Corner …] Content is King – Still
Hi everyone, Can someone visit my site  and tell me if im on the right track? if you guys think i should change it. ill start a fresh on my site again. i need feedback thanks! 

2011-01-08 @ 10:10:17 PM
Bob Cannon
[Yarby’s Corner …] Blogging Daily? Regularly? HELP!
Sometimes posting comes easy and sometimes it is more difficult. On those days when it is easy, write several posts and save them for later use. Another great piece of inspiration is . If you can’t get inspired here, you need to go back to bed and start over.

2011-01-08 @ 4:28:54 PM


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