I’m Linda Knight Yarbrough – Yarby for short!  I will be blogging on internet marketing latest trends, reviews and tips.  Plus a whole lot more!  I hope you will join in.

25 years of experience in advertising and media field: strategic marketing, advertising planning, media planning and buying for clients such as: Frito-Lay, Borden Ice Cream, Old El Paso Mexican Foods, Dallas Market Center, Radio Shack, Sprint Business, Med Plus Health. I’ve also helped clients with new product launch and promotion, E-commerce strategy, Newsletter development, marketing on and off line. Direct response marketing media is a specialty area of the firm, often consulting with clients to strengthen their ROI results. Finding that solving media puzzles is much like the skill set required for Search Engine Optimization, I began developing my SEO background in achieving top Search Engine Ranking 10 years ago. SEO and SEM are now a major specialty area of services for clients of The Media Mix.

History of our firm:
Knight-Yarbrough Enterprises was formed in Dallas, Texas April 1980 and began with The Media Mix.  Over the years this Media Planning and Buying Services firm has expanded and evolved to include marketing strategy, SEO, web design, DR TV and internet marketing of all kinds.
The Media Mix – Media Marketing Strategy, DRTV, SEO

In 2000, we added TownHub.com as a web portal with Resource Information on a variety of topics, Affiliate Marketing, Real Estate and Buy-Sell! Includes Professional and Business Directory Listings and Features and helps small business owners use internet marketing effectively.
TownHub.com – Web Portal : Health-Fitness, Real Estate, Web Design, Home Repair Directory, Shopping Coupons

Now, we are launching a new website called FiftyWorkForce
A Career Transition Network for Baby Boomers Seeking Employment

Linda Knight Yarbrough at the Potters Wheel

Yarby and her pottery!

As any self-employed entreprenuer knows my business is a huge part of my world.   But this blog will go even deeper into Yarby’s Corner of the world. 
My passions include SEO, Internet Marketing, Golf,  Scuba Diving, Organic Gardening, Water Aerobics, Heart Disease, Pottery, Raising Pygmy Goats and 42 Dominoes – check out our 42 Strategy Group on Facebook!  

We’re active in Social Media and can help you to get connected:
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I look forward to blogging about the latest topics, sharing tips and getting to know you.  Please join in!

Let us know what’s happening in your world.  What’s on your mind today?


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