Should Tweeting be on a Schedule?

How Many Times Should You Tweet Your Messages or Blog Post?

I have been wondering how many times I should tweet to stay “engaged” with my followers and social media friends.  I’ve also wondered “How often should I link to my own Blog or website”?

How often do you Tweet on Twitter?

Tweeting On Schedule?

I did a lot of reading and plan to test this to determine if I should be on a Tweet Schedule. Right now I am not, but know many social media experts who recommend scheduled timing.

In researching this I ran across an article “How Many Times Should You Tweet Your Blog Post?” The blogger was concerned that more than once a day might offend his followers.   Let’s see.  24 hours in a day;  most folks aren’t glued to Twitter all day.  So what are the odds that followers would be on at the exact moment your once per day Tweet came streaming by?

I appreciate that the writer did not want to overwhelm his audience and totally agree with that concept.  Still, it seems to me that he has missed a huge point of what folks call Multiple-Tweets.  There are Twitter-ers who send a slew of messages one after the other in a STRING.  And yes, it’s annoying.  I space mine out.  If I send more than 1 message with a link to a new blog post daily, I try to re-write the Tweet, perhaps using a different sentence from the blog post, and always with good separation of time.

The blogger mentioned that if potential followers check out your Profile they wouldn’t want to see multiple tweets with the same message or link.  My guess is that they wouldn’t want to see them in a string.  You are tweeting about various topics and opinions, aren’t you?  Also make sure you mix up your tweets with re-tweets of good information you find on Twitter and send replies you want to share to folks you follow.

Recently I’ve been wondering if chopping up the day might be the way to go on Tweets about my own links – early,  noonish,  just after work, later in evening.  And try to scatter resource posts, re-tweets and replies during the day.

How do you time your Tweets and topics?


About Yarbys Corner ... Linda Yarbrough

Linda Yarbrough "Yarby" is a marketing and media strategy specialist who expanded her business to actively work on the internet 10 years ago. See our ABOUT page for more professional and personal background.
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2 Responses to Should Tweeting be on a Schedule?

  1. Linda I tweet 24 times a day.. I average 100 tweets a if I have a follower who doesn’t follow many people that would be a bit much. The search says… once an hour auto tweets that are of interest I tweet quotes and about my business. At 7:00a.m , at noon, and at 7 and 9 I tweet links from my blog. 80/20 quotes to blog is the way to go here. the rest of those tweets are interacting with my followers.. I have 15,000 followers .. if they retweet me I say thank you..and such. It hasn’t hurt my following…Just what I do..I’ve been using and studying twitter since March of last year. So I think that it’s okay to do it this way. I’ve done it this way from the beginning.

  2. MamaRed says:

    I actually used to tweet on a schedule. I had specific times I shared things like inspirational quotes, retweets, etc. I know I was guilty of the “50 gazillion tweets in a row” thing. My approach is evolving (although I’ve been out of the Twitterverse for quite some time, we’ll see what happens now that I’m clearer on what I’m up to and my vision for my social media activities).

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