Testing Google Chrome … at last

I just installed Google Chrome.  Yes, just.  I admit it.  I’m not quick to download the latest and greatest anything.  In fact, I’m not quick to buy the latest and greatest either.

Google Chrome ... Browser Speed

Testing Google Chrome ... at last

Don’t have, or want, Caller ID.  I held out as long as possible to buy a TV-DVD combo.  Just didn’t want to abandon VCRs until they were no longer available.  (gasp …) Reminds me of 8 track tape and dinosaurs.  I don’t do smart phones or cell phone texts and have text messages blocked on mine.  There is no doubt it is the wave of the future but it will have to wait for me.

While I stay up to speed with the latest technology for marketing clients, I personally live by the theory that the more toys you own, the more toys there are to break down.  Just saying …

Last week I was advised to go to a certain link but couldn’t get in with my browser, Internet Explorer.  I had been quite happy with IE and “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is pretty ingrained.  Had tested Firefox last year, and while I still have it installed, I went back to my comfy IE browser.  In our work to Customize WordPress Themes, Social Media Graphics and Website Design our Graphic Design Director, Hub McNett, checks all formats to see how ALL will be viewing it.

So why test Google Chrome now?   My Dell computer is about 4 years old and is getting slower all the time – thus my decision to speed things up with Google Chrome.

I’m in awe of the personal information Google knows about us already. I think I’m about to be awestruck again as to where Google Search and Personalization is heading.  As a Web Traffic Generator and Search Engine Ranking SEO Specialist, I’m intrigued.  Now that Google will know my every click, as if they don’t already … from a consumer perspective, I find it a bit creepy.  It’s a fact that internet marketing is going to get more invasive .. and we can’t stop it.

I’ll do a Review of Google Chrome once I’ve given it a good test.  Which Internet Browser do you use … and why?


About Yarbys Corner ... Linda Yarbrough

Linda Yarbrough "Yarby" is a marketing and media strategy specialist who expanded her business to actively work on the internet 10 years ago. See our ABOUT page for more professional and personal background.
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