SEO View of Latest Google Update

All the talk in the past few days about the powerful “correction” Google has just made has brought me out of my temporary hibernation.

The latest change in the Google algorithm (Panda) is being called the Farmer update and it’s major.  Major as in it has a lot of folks in a tizzy.  It is said to have had major affects on 12% of search results and has plummeted many websites traffic visitor numbers in half.

The best way to prevent a staggering shift in your organic traffic is solid SEO.  The fundamentals still work quite well for natural results in the search engines.  SEO is a powerful internet marketing tool.  Use it wisely.  Work within the search engine guidelines and do not attempt to skirt their goals for your own purposes.  It just will not work over the long-haul.  Websites that push the limits and go outside the bounds of ethical SEO are slapped hard.

I for one am hoping that this Google update has indeed made a strong effort in cleaning up internet search results.  The best way to satisfy a customer?  Give them what they want.  Wading through trash is not what internet users are seeking.

Sites really do need to get back to basics.  SEO is an art and science that requires a solid base to achieve consistent results.  Get the basics correct first and then expand:

Serve your audience by providing good information for your visitors, really understand your internet market and don’t short-cut the keyword research, use complimentary or compatible links (they are supposed to be Resource Links for your visitors) and focus on writing original content.

There is a good reason search engines love BLOGS.  You want your website to be updated more frequently?  Think about the features that continue to make Blogs search engine food.

What is your take on the latest Google algorithm update?  More on mine later.


About Yarbys Corner ... Linda Yarbrough

Linda Yarbrough "Yarby" is a marketing and media strategy specialist who expanded her business to actively work on the internet 10 years ago. See our ABOUT page for more professional and personal background.
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One Response to SEO View of Latest Google Update

  1. Lynn says:

    Hi Linda,

    I learned a lot from your latest post. I think I have an idea of what “organic traffic” means but would you mind explaining it.

    Thank you,


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