Link Building Strategy – Get Real

I don’t like the concept of Link Credits,  Link Clubs or “Click a bunch of random links and a slew of random websites will link to yours”.  You can be certain the Search Engines don’t either.  Get real, folks.

I’m always surprised that the search engines haven’t YET penalized everyone swapping links mindlessly. In 2007 Google clamped down on Link Farms.  But of course, now in 2011 “link farms” have been replaced with variations of the same.  They’re a bit slicker now.  And harder to detect. But still gimmicks whose sole intent is to boost link popularity for better rank in search engine results.  My advice is to avoid any bad practice or you will get burned.

Websites are supposed to be a resource for your visitors.  Links on your website should be to compatible, relevant websites that are on target with yours.  OR give complementary information = combining in such a way as to enhance or emphasize each other’s qualities.  How would a link to an Electrician in Dallas enhance a reader’s experience on your website about an Auto Dealership in California?  The answer?  It wouldn’t.  It couldn’t.  Don’t do it. (Unless the Electrician is your cousin … just saying.)

Search engines take note of relevant links … and so do your visitors.   They appreciate the additional resources you provide in their search to solve a problem.

I cringe when I see a website, blog or tweet that claims “Amazing Free Traffic with a few clicks” or such.  Link building is a process that takes thought and time.  There is no magic bullet that works over the long haul.  You just have to do the work. 

Want to increase your search engine ranking? Want to bring more  targeted traffic to your website and keep it?  Be selective about your link exchanges and link building strategies.

By:  Linda Yarbrough of Yarby’s Corner : SEO by The Media Mix
Put the power of media marketing strategy to work for your website.

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About Yarbys Corner ... Linda Yarbrough

Linda Yarbrough "Yarby" is a marketing and media strategy specialist who expanded her business to actively work on the internet 10 years ago. See our ABOUT page for more professional and personal background.
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One Response to Link Building Strategy – Get Real

  1. Lynn says:

    As a new blogger with limited social media savvy, I really appreciate the chance to follow this blog from the start. My sense is that Linda knows the business and her posts have the feel of taking a well-structured course on her area of expertise.


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