I’ve been taking a break while life has thrown me a few ad-ventures. Today, I’d like to depart from the norm and share some of my favorite music. Georgia, this is for you!

Shannon Wexelberg, I’m in awe of your gifts. Those you’ve been given … and those you give!

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Blogging: 40 Traffic Generation Tips eBook

And the winner of the giveaway is… (via Cendrine Marrouat)

Well, folks, that’s it! The Little Big eBook on Blogging: 40 Traffic Generation Tips is officially out! Time to reveal the winner of the giveaway!  Congratulations to Sandi Llilonga. You won a copy of my eBook! Time also to thank some people who have been instrumental in helping make my pre-launch…

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Should Tweeting be on a Schedule?

How Many Times Should You Tweet Your Messages or Blog Post?

I have been wondering how many times I should tweet to stay “engaged” with my followers and social media friends.  I’ve also wondered “How often should I link to my own Blog or website”?

How often do you Tweet on Twitter?

Tweeting On Schedule?

I did a lot of reading and plan to test this to determine if I should be on a Tweet Schedule. Right now I am not, but know many social media experts who recommend scheduled timing.

In researching this I ran across an article “How Many Times Should You Tweet Your Blog Post?” The blogger was concerned that more than once a day might offend his followers.   Let’s see.  24 hours in a day;  most folks aren’t glued to Twitter all day.  So what are the odds that followers would be on at the exact moment your once per day Tweet came streaming by?

I appreciate that the writer did not want to overwhelm his audience and totally agree with that concept.  Still, it seems to me that he has missed a huge point of what folks call Multiple-Tweets.  There are Twitter-ers who send a slew of messages one after the other in a STRING.  And yes, it’s annoying.  I space mine out.  If I send more than 1 message with a link to a new blog post daily, I try to re-write the Tweet, perhaps using a different sentence from the blog post, and always with good separation of time.

The blogger mentioned that if potential followers check out your Profile they wouldn’t want to see multiple tweets with the same message or link.  My guess is that they wouldn’t want to see them in a string.  You are tweeting about various topics and opinions, aren’t you?  Also make sure you mix up your tweets with re-tweets of good information you find on Twitter and send replies you want to share to folks you follow.

Recently I’ve been wondering if chopping up the day might be the way to go on Tweets about my own links – early,  noonish,  just after work, later in evening.  And try to scatter resource posts, re-tweets and replies during the day.

How do you time your Tweets and topics?

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Testing Google Chrome … at last

I just installed Google Chrome.  Yes, just.  I admit it.  I’m not quick to download the latest and greatest anything.  In fact, I’m not quick to buy the latest and greatest either.

Google Chrome ... Browser Speed

Testing Google Chrome ... at last

Don’t have, or want, Caller ID.  I held out as long as possible to buy a TV-DVD combo.  Just didn’t want to abandon VCRs until they were no longer available.  (gasp …) Reminds me of 8 track tape and dinosaurs.  I don’t do smart phones or cell phone texts and have text messages blocked on mine.  There is no doubt it is the wave of the future but it will have to wait for me.

While I stay up to speed with the latest technology for marketing clients, I personally live by the theory that the more toys you own, the more toys there are to break down.  Just saying …

Last week I was advised to go to a certain link but couldn’t get in with my browser, Internet Explorer.  I had been quite happy with IE and “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is pretty ingrained.  Had tested Firefox last year, and while I still have it installed, I went back to my comfy IE browser.  In our work to Customize WordPress Themes, Social Media Graphics and Website Design our Graphic Design Director, Hub McNett, checks all formats to see how ALL will be viewing it.

So why test Google Chrome now?   My Dell computer is about 4 years old and is getting slower all the time – thus my decision to speed things up with Google Chrome.

I’m in awe of the personal information Google knows about us already. I think I’m about to be awestruck again as to where Google Search and Personalization is heading.  As a Web Traffic Generator and Search Engine Ranking SEO Specialist, I’m intrigued.  Now that Google will know my every click, as if they don’t already … from a consumer perspective, I find it a bit creepy.  It’s a fact that internet marketing is going to get more invasive .. and we can’t stop it.

I’ll do a Review of Google Chrome once I’ve given it a good test.  Which Internet Browser do you use … and why?

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Blogging as a Journal : Ad-Ventures

Have been mulling over the best way to use this Blog since I moved Media Marketing Strategy to The Media Mix/Blog.  For now, I’m going to Journal about what is going on in Yarby’s Corner of the blogosphere, highlight some client promotions AND share a variety of tips too.

How beautiful is it to begin the day puttering in the garden at 6 AM with the birds singing and the sun just beginning to rise.  By puttering I actually mean “taking care of chores”.  Isn’t it nice that perception rules?  Chores done leisurely, even joyfully, while enjoying nature at the best time of the day is a whole ‘nother thing than done in the heat of the day when time is your enemy and chores just feel like back-breaking work.

Watering, trimming schrubs, bagging brush done; it’s such a treat to check that off and get on with my day.  Knowing that I can observe the fruits of my labor from the Office window all day with the pond fountain backdrop makes it all the better.

Lot’s of activity going on around here at Yarby’s Corner : Linda Yarbrough Ad-Ventures.

The Media Mix Landing Page completed on Facebook.  Please check it out.  We hope you will LIKE it.

Client landing page installed on Facebook nearing completion.
Be watching for Blog Post coming soon on the importance adding a Business Landing Page to Facebook – Welcome for visitors who haven’t Liked your page yet.  Give us a shout if you’ve already heard how important it is and need help setting one up! Home Repair Contractors Directory has been very active.  I’m pulling for

Free Music Flashing Starburst

Free Music Hot Tub Promotion Flashing Starburst

Michael Cuilla, of Amazing Comfort Air Conditioning Systems in Fort Worth/Dallas, Texas, to get the AC Package job he has just bid.  Referrals from can be a big boost to your Home Repair Business.  Contractors, check it out! Hot Tub Specials

Free Music on selected Hot Tubs & Hot Spring Spas

Kicking off Coleman Bright Ideas for your Home new promotion on the web today: Free Music on selected Hot Tubs.  The Check Inventory page at, designed and maintained by The Media Mix, will highlight featured models with flashing starbursts.

And finally, for the next few weeks I’ll be wrapping up the Insurance Settlement paperwork for the major repair of my home after last year’s snow storms. I’ll be blogging soon on how to avoid some of the pitfalls of having multiple claims on the same house with different contractors.  A “been there; don’t do this” review of my year long project.  It’s taken me this long to lick my wounds and be able to see the humor in it.  Well … humorous to anyone who wasn’t writing the checks.

Home Tip of the Day:
How to Clean an Oven the easiest way without toxic fumes?  Sprinkle 1/4 inch layer of Baking Soda then spritz with water until damp . Let it sit overnight; the grime should wipe right off the next morning.

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Blog Self-Hosting Complete

Blogging on Internet Marketing, SEO, Social Media

Media Marketing Strategy Blog has Moved

The cross-over of my Media Marketing Strategy Blog to self-hosting is complete.  The blog can now be found at:

 I will be transitioning this blog space over to Linda Yarbrough Ad-Ventures.

This blog will be exploring small business marketing-promotion and entrepreneurial pursuits with a little insight from The Media Mix thrown in …  because solving your media marketing puzzle IS in the Mix!

I’ll be blogging on topics of interest to the: small business owner, freelancer,  webpreneur, solopreneur, independent contractor,  affiliate marketer … and anyone interested in internet marketing tips and “how-tos”.

My background?  I’ve been a business owner since 1980.  My current businesses:

  • The Media Mix, Media Planning & Buying, Marketing Strategy, DRTV & web Direct Response Marketing,  SEO Search Engine Ranking, Social Media Marketing and Web Design.
  •, a Web Portal to Real Estate, Shopping On-Line, Small Business & Quick Search Directories, Home Repair Contractors Network and Health-Fitness Resources.
  • for Baby Boomers in career transition. (under development)

I’ve helped promote and expand small businesses for over 30 years … and want to be a “go-to” resource for your pursuits.

Please visit both of my blogs and be an active participant in the discussion.  We welcome questions, strategy tips, topic suggestions and lots of feedback.

Welcome to Ad-Ventures with Linda Yarbrough!

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Self-Hosted Crossover on WordPress Blog

Need The Easiest Way To Self-Host WordPress Blog

I changed my Twitter Profile this morning to: Texas gal into Media Marketing Strategy & Coaching, Web Design SEO, Real Estate, Golf, Pottery & Heart Disease. Internet Marketer and wannabe Blogger.

Let’s talk about the wannabe Blogger description.  When Yarby’s Corner began, I shared that I had started a Blog years ago and then took a 5 year hiatus.  This time I am determined to stick with it and find my blogging voice.  So far, I stand by that.  But because I was testing the waters initially, I used a address instead of my primary business website, The Media Mix.  After several months of blogging and much reading,  it appears there are a “few” plug-ins I need that are not available in this platform.

Best Method to Switch to Self Hosted WordPress Blog?

Confused ... Which way to go?

Don’t get me wrong, I love  But as a Business Blog I need to make a change.  I help clients and readers with all forms of media : from traditional off-line media to new media and all aspects of on-line marketing.  So my goal is to build a community that is interactive, engaging and fluid.  I don’t want to talk “at” you but “with” you.  Many of the folks reading my blog care A LOT about incoming-links, solid anchor text and showing their latest Blog Post when they Comment.  I too appreciate those features on other Internet Marketing and Social Media Blogs.

It seems some of the Plug-Ins necessary to achieve my goal include: Twitter Tweet Button with Comment Box, Facebook Plug-In with auto identifer of posters and CommentLuv with link to last blog post.  These and many more useful Plug-Ins are available with on a self-hosted Blog.

I want to confirm 2 things:  1) these features cannot be added to and 2) while is free … I must pay an annual fee to re-direct the current blog to my self-hosted address at  I could begin again but, with the power of a WordPress Blog, I have excellent search engine results all pointing to this URL.

So this is where I need your help.  Can you share with me your opinion on the best (quick, seamless) and least expensive way to make this cross-over? Yes, I’ve read loads on the subject and my head is now spinning.  I’m hoping for a discussion on the pros and cons of various options.  I appreciate your time and thoughts, in advance.

Could I incorporate this blog into The Media Mix and shift to another topic? It’s a thought since I don’t have a large number of active followers yet.  Now … what are your thoughts?

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Social Media Marketing Group – Review

I’ve just joined a Facebook Group called “You Can Do” Social Media Marketing.  This group is new but already extremely active!  Started by Kim Garst of Social Media, it looks like it will give new meaning to the concept of “community”. 

Already there have been questions about Linked in, Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, the power of WordPress,  etc.  Even discussions on new website projects members are working on, critiques, resources and encouragement.  It’s highly interactive and insightful!

Quickly, it has shown how hungry marketers and bloggers are for information on best practices in social media marketing. 

Great job Kim in bringing together a group of like-minded people to bounce ideas off each other, share resources and truly “Get Social”!

Check out Facebook “You Can Do” Social Media Marketing Group.  If you need guidance or a Social Media Manager, see Kim Garst’s  Social Media Branding website  for Complete Turn-Key Social Media Marketing Solutions : Social Media Management & Consulting and Small Business Social Media Coaching.

About now you might be asking “Linda, don’t you do Social Media Management also?”  Well, yes I do.  The Media Mix offers all forms of media marketing strategy. What aspect of Social Media Marketing do you need help with?  Post your comments and questions and we’ll respond (I’ll also add topics of interest as new Blog Posts)  …. or  Contact Us today.

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Email Marketing Campaigns: Stop Email Overkill

I just posted this at Twitter and wanted to share. 

Email Marketers: Sending daily emails will get you un-subscribed or unread. Top Internet Marketers send weekly if that. Please Stop Overkill.

Now, let me elaborate.   I just spent over an hour Unsubscribing to Email Marketers who abuse the auto responder system.  After months of not reading thousands of Internet Marketing Tips, Tricks, Schemes and Scams which I am overwhelmed by daily,  I’ve had it.  And I’m not alone.  New Internet Marketers say their biggest problem is Information Overload.  Anyone sending daily (or more) emails for months is just adding to the problem and should re-think their email marketing strategy.

You might be thinking you are offering knowledge, education and opportunity.  But no one can absorb this much information … and you might be turning your readers off.

After spending a couple of months reading most of the emails I received, I set them up to go to a Marketing Offers folder automatically and QUIT reading all but the best Internet Marketers – ones who have a successful business and are willing to share their knowledge.  I just sort the folder by name and read the ones that have real value to me.

In doing this, I’ve also seen a real pattern of delivery.  The TOP marketers, trainers and mentors do NOT bombard their subscribers with emails.  When I see key names I read them because they have something valuable to say and I’m hungry for their input.  Eager for a new email from them.  That’s what you want your audience to feel.  That’s how you build a relationship.  And email marketing is all about building relationships.  Everyone wants to grow their mailing list but if your subscribers aren’t reading what you are sending, what do you really have?

Well, I got that off my chest early this Saturday morning and feel better.  I hope it will encourage some Internet Marketers to adjust their auto responder delivery schedules.  I know it will help your readers, make your email campaigns more successfull  AND improve your business.

Feel free to send this to any marketers you would like to encourage to back-off.  I welcome you adding your comments and suggestions for Email Marketers.  I even hope folks with an aggressive email campaign will chime in.  We’d love to understand your point of view. 

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SEO View of Latest Google Update

All the talk in the past few days about the powerful “correction” Google has just made has brought me out of my temporary hibernation.

The latest change in the Google algorithm (Panda) is being called the Farmer update and it’s major.  Major as in it has a lot of folks in a tizzy.  It is said to have had major affects on 12% of search results and has plummeted many websites traffic visitor numbers in half.

The best way to prevent a staggering shift in your organic traffic is solid SEO.  The fundamentals still work quite well for natural results in the search engines.  SEO is a powerful internet marketing tool.  Use it wisely.  Work within the search engine guidelines and do not attempt to skirt their goals for your own purposes.  It just will not work over the long-haul.  Websites that push the limits and go outside the bounds of ethical SEO are slapped hard.

I for one am hoping that this Google update has indeed made a strong effort in cleaning up internet search results.  The best way to satisfy a customer?  Give them what they want.  Wading through trash is not what internet users are seeking.

Sites really do need to get back to basics.  SEO is an art and science that requires a solid base to achieve consistent results.  Get the basics correct first and then expand:

Serve your audience by providing good information for your visitors, really understand your internet market and don’t short-cut the keyword research, use complimentary or compatible links (they are supposed to be Resource Links for your visitors) and focus on writing original content.

There is a good reason search engines love BLOGS.  You want your website to be updated more frequently?  Think about the features that continue to make Blogs search engine food.

What is your take on the latest Google algorithm update?  More on mine later.

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